What is Cernit?
Cernit is a brand of polymer clay.

"Polymer clay is a manmade clay composed of very fine particles of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspended in an oily resin called a plasticiser. The plasticiser gives the clay flexibility. Pigments are added to the clay to give it color. Fillers, such as natural earth clays and chalks, give the clay its smooth texture. Baking polymer clay at the right temperature, between 200 and 275 degrees F, fuses all of these elements. What was once soft clay becomes hard plastic.

Cernit is a German clay manufactured by T+F GmbH. Initially waxy, firm and crumbly, Cernit becomes surprisingly soft as you work with it. Best for large sculptures, this clay....is extremely sensitive to heat -even body heat- making it a difficult clay for the beginning polymer clay sculptor, or for the sculptor acquainted with other modeling clays."

-from Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay  by Katherine Dewey, North Light Books, 2000

After baking, Cernit is slightly translucent and looks like wax. It is one of the strongest polymer clays but it is still brittle and will break like porcelain.


My dolls are inspired by photographs of real children. I sculpt the little faces, shoulder plates, hands, feet, arms and legs to be unique for every doll. My dolls' bodies are fabric stuffed with fiberfill. The dolls range in size from 16 to 22 inches. Many of them are posed seated. The accessories shown in the pictures, like chairs and toys, are always included.

The dolls' eyes are either glass doll eyes or white glass marbles I have painted to look like eyes. I make my own wigs out of mohair or wool. I design and make costumes using a variety of fabrics, many antique, and each one is different.

Doll heads are formed over a ball of aluminum foil over which the Cernit is applied. In 2002, I began making moveable heads. The individually fitted head and shoulder plate are connected using a spring and a swivel for smooth operation.

Arms and legs are sculpted over white electrical cables which go to the length of the limbs and attach to a cable back bone. This makes the dolls marvelously poseable and flexible.


The dolls  are dated and signed and each is a One of a Kind, Flo Hanover original!


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